How to identify a boring mobile game

boring mobile game

Most times, I see people asking questions on on how to identify a boring mobile game, since nowadays, the availability of so many fake reviews makes it hard for anyone to know the best one to actually play. In fact, trending games seem to be losing much value, since coders now leach their source code and make a replicate, then buy those reviews and other stuffs to rank better than the original one. This is sometimes frustrating to the actual developer. They mostly end up flagging every other game that tries to compete with their design. At the end, they lose more players and gain bad name.

Even from the popular update notification seen on some device on android like Techno M3, it seems that playing realistic games is mostly boring on that device and its counterpart. You ideally find it so poor and non-overwhelming to easily flip across an object on the game, since the screen is so small. This mostly makes the player to think that the game itself is definitely a bad source for them.
Moreover, it is not a bad idea to actually play on a bigger screen, but you will absolutely feel so angry when you discover that you are not able to have full enjoyment of whatever that the developer listed on their download page. Even, you might decide to angrily hit 1 star on the game app store page.

Are mobile games ads worst scenario?

The answer to that amazing question cannot be said in a straight manner. You don’t judge a good game based on the number of times ads pop up, but on the events, action or adventure embedded on it.
Without the availability of those as, the coder won’t be able to obtain enough money in order to pay his team or even do a proper update. But, most of them are somewhat greedy when they engage in using these ads on all corners of the game. The best way to eliminate this means is to switch off your network data and play offline. It might not be possible o actually enjoy all full features of the game if you do this, but that is the only solution.
Even, if you are good in tweaking mobile stuffs, you can remove ads with lucky patcher, but it will definitely hit you hard when you discover that you are not able to get any notification of discount on gaming resources.

So, in a more accurate conclusion, boring games can be identified only based on the review shown on your default app store. That is why a developer need to learn few video game design tips.
You must actually go through the game download page, check other player’s reviews; not ones made by bots, and then know what they say concerning it.

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